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APA Citation and Bibliography Formatting with LaTeX/Overleaf and CiteDrive: A Comprehensive Guide

Using CiteDrive along with biblatex in LaTeX/Overleaf can indeed streamline the process of managing and formatting citations and bibliographies in APA format. Below, I’ll explain how to use these two tools together:

Step 1: Setting Up the Document

Start by setting up your document and including the necessary packages. In your preamble (before \begin{document}), include the following lines:


\usepackage[style=apa, backend=biber]{biblatex}

Step 2: Integrating CiteDrive

CiteDrive is an online collaborative BibTeX manager that allows you to manage your references online. See this video guide:

2.1: Set Up Your CiteDrive Account

First, set up an account on CiteDrive and create a new project or use an existing project to manage your references.

2.2: Adding References to CiteDrive

Add your references to CiteDrive. You can manually enter details or import references from various formats.

2.3: Exporting BibTeX File from CiteDrive

Once you have all your references in place, export your bibliography as a BibTeX file from CiteDrive.

Step 3: Adding the Bibliography File to Overleaf

Next, synchronize the BibTeX file from CiteDrive to your Overleaf project. You can read how to do this on Then, add the bibliography file to your LaTeX document using the \addbibresource{} command in the preamble. For example:


Step 4: Citing References in the Document

Within your document, you can cite references using the \cite{} command. For example:

This is an example of a citation \cite{author2023}.  

Step 5: Generating the Bibliography

To generate the bibliography, use the \printbibliography command at the end of your document:


Step 6: Compiling the Document

Compile your document using biber as the backend. In Overleaf, this should be done automatically. If you’re using a local LaTeX editor, you may need to run a sequence of commands as described in the initial guide.

Step 7: Collaborative Reference Management

Remember that CiteDrive allows for collaborative reference management, which means you can work with others on building and managing your bibliography.

By integrating CiteDrive and Overleaf through biblatex, you can benefit from a streamlined workflow for managing and formatting citations and bibliographies in APA format, with the added advantage of collaboration and online management of references.